Being a teenage girl is hard. It’s all about how you look, what you’re wearing and who you’re friends with. No one cares what things you have going on with your life, no one cares how you are, no one cares what you’re interested in. Everyone just cares about reputation. In my opinion reputation at […]

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Release the sounds

So music plays a big part in my life, sounds pathetic right? But it’s true. It’s something that will always be there, something I can turn to when I’m in any kind of mood. Music is a wonderful thing and deserves a lot more recognition! So I listen to music a lot and I listen […]

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So I guess I started a blog? I’ve thought about doing this for around a year but never got round to it until today. If you happen to be reading this then I guess you’re expecting to find out about me but there isn’t much to say if I’m honest. I’m a teenage girl from […]

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